Rabble of Butterflies In My Stomach…

Ten days and counting! 

September 1st is just around the corner and my belly is busting with butterflies.  I didn’t get this nervous before state tournments or while warming up in the UW Fieldhouse, watching my opponents trudge through black dirt in their new high tops.  I wasn’t this anxious when I introduced Governor Bill Owens to the Ft. Collins Chamber of Commerce or when I told my family I was pursuing my hobby as an author.  I haven’t been this excited since they placed my baby in my arms or on the day I eloped with my husband! 

How grateful I am to everyone who encouraged me to take this step and who have helped me throughout this journey!  I just finished my first interview with blogger, Michelle at Red Headed Book Child, who I met in NYC at the Bloggers Convention following BEA.  Two of my industry peers, Rick Markley and Therese Dunphy, have graciously allowed me an interview for their magazines, Rock Products and Aggregate Manager.  They may be competitors, but everyone I know in the industry reads both magazines.  They ROCK!  And I’m about to embark on my book tour.  Thank you to the independent bookstore owners who believe enough in me to reserve precious time and space for a signing and to the managers of Borders and Barnes & Nobles across the country who have booked me for autographs.  

Starting with the amazing Tammy Borrows, manager of my hometown bookstore, Borders in Rapid City, SD, who generously allowed me to celebrate my book launch September 1st from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm in her store, THANK YOU! 

Come on down and join the fun as we celebrate the graciousness of these amazing people!  And come autograph my book in exchange for an autograph in your copy of In The Belly Of Jonah.

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