Cloud Nine After Launching Book Two!

Thrills have carried me through this sleepless week as I launched my second Liv Bergen mystery thriller, Lot’s Return To Sodom, on Wednesday, June 1st.  It’s been like Christmas Eve for me, especially Tuesday night, waiting for morning to come.  And I awoke in the Smokey Mountains of South Carolina, stopped to thank 10 independent booksellers along my way to Franklin, North Carolina, where Suzanne of Books Unlimited hosted my book launch.  What a party!  And what a great welcome from the wonderful people of Franklin!  Thank you all so much!!

How appropriate that my first book launch was in the Black Hills of South Dakota, my second in the Smokey Mountains.  Liv Bergen must be guiding me to do these launches at these mountain locations, since her name in Norwegian means “Life as a Mountain Dweller”.  How appropriate!

Thank you all for the wonderful comments about loving Liv even more in book two than you did in book one… although she’s a figment of my imagination, she’s sending you all a big mwahhhhhh!! 

(That’s an air kiss, in case you missed it.)

Enjoy Liv!   Enjoy Life!!  I sure am, thanks to all of you.

3 Responses to “Cloud Nine After Launching Book Two!”

  • I’m so glad you had an awesome launch party. Wish I could have been there, but so glad to see you at the Book Blogger Con. Loved the new book, probably more than I loved the first book, if that’s even possible.

    Keep it up and I hope to see more in the future!


  • Loved your books. When will you lauch a new Liv book. Can’t wait to see what happens between Liv and Streeter.

    Great books.


  • Hi Sandra

    Just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know I blogged about Jonah today. I hope you get a few hits, and don’t feel slighted by my highlevel critique.


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