Holiday Gifts From You, Reviewers!

Tis the season to be grateful to all of you who have taken the time, not only to read my books, but to post reviews, blogs, and comments.

Hard to imagine, but when my first book in the Liv Bergen Mystery Series released September 2010, I chose not to be tempted to jump onto various websites like Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, GoodReads (…breathe…), etc. etc. to read posted reviews of In The Belly Of Jonah.   I simply didn’t think I had thick enough skin to read comments about my “babies”.  So FINALLY this Christmas season I decided to read each and every post for my first book and Lot’s Return To Sodom which released June 2011.    

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for speaking your mind  about Liv Bergen and for your encouragement in me to keep writing.  I truly enjoy brigning Liv to life for all of you.  I learn from each comment made, good and bad.  Please know I really do appreciate what you’ve done for me  and I’ll work hard to earn your comments on the next book.

And you three book clubs who volunteered to be the beta readers of my first books, THANK YOU for all your advice, comments, and suggestions.  The books are better because of you.  A special thanks to the book club who read Widow’s Might, now in production for relase in August 2012.  Not only didn they NOT shoot me when I hijacked their book club, but they also gave me great advice in final edits before I sent my manuscript to the publisher.  Mwahhhhhh (electronic kiss) to Ruth, Sarah, and friends for being so helpful!

So many blessings this holiday season!!

Keep up the critiques and thank you for maintaining credibility by not being anonymous!!

2 Responses to “Holiday Gifts From You, Reviewers!”

  • Sandra;
    I LOVE your books! You’re every bit as good an author as any that I have read. I couldn’t put them down! Recomended to my friends & they feel the same way!
    Do we have to wait till August for the next book?
    What fun to read about a family & story in our own “backyard”!
    Thanks for giving us so much enjoyment in reading!


    • Thank you, Lisa! How great to get such words of encouragement. I’ll keep trying hard to make you “can’t wait” for the next one!
      Choose Liv!

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