Secret To Success…

What a wonderful country we have! 

I have met so many people across America — happy, successful people from all walks of life — since I first became published three years ago.   From 2010 to today,  I’ve met people with such colorful stories and intriguing lives that my mind is swimming with memories.  Everywhere I go, the smiles are plentiful.  

I started thinking about what all these happy, successful people have in common and I narrowed it down to three things they share as the secret to their success: 

1)  They work hard at using their God-given talents.

2)  They are overflowing with gratitude.

3)  They celebrate each day by sharing their joy and kindness with others.

To all of you who I’ve met at conferences & convention, at book signings & book clubs, and in libraries and lounges, thank you all for teaching me so much!

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