Was Billy Joel Right?

I was born in the era when people of all ages sang along with Billy Joel and this week his song, “Only the good die young” keeps playing in my mind.

We lost Tom Clancy this week at a young 66, Vince Flynn a couple of months ago at the young age of 48.  Both were fabulously talented, likely barely scratching the surface of their talented minds. stories flowing through their fingertips to the page as effortlessly as most of us breathe.

I have to admit, unlike my husband, I tended to glaze over the details that so many found most fascinating in Tom Clancy’s books.  I enjoyed his plot, fell in love with his characters, and enjoyed his creativity that captured my imagination.  HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, Clancy’s most recognized title, was of course captivating, especially as a girl raised by a WWII and Korean War vet.  What hooked me permanently was Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, the all-American hero who for me was the modern day Superman.  A slight departure from his Clancy-esque style of realistic, overwhelming detail, RAINBOW SIX, was my all-time favorite, particularly because he crossed so many no-fly-zones, causing me to think “oh no he didn’t” several times during that book.

I have met so many wonderful authors during my journey and my only regret so far is not having had the wonderful pleasure of shaking Mr. Clancy’s hand and thanking him for the wonderful work he’d done.  In this particularly case, Billy Joel was absolutely correct… the good died young.


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