Honored To Be On USS Midway

I was so honored to have been selected as one of about two dozen authors invited onto the USS Midway for the Veteran’s Day weekend on Saturday, November 8th, this year.  Veterans and active military personnel alike joined in on the celebration of their service.

I was able to meet fabulous people from all walks of life, from all over this country who have served so that we might be free to blog, text, write, and shout from the mountain tops.  A special thank you to Elise Cooper writing for American Thinker for showcasing 4 generations of my family who have served, along with my husband and two brother-in-laws, covering WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Dessert Storm, Iraqi War, and Afghanistan War.   Because of Elise, I learned even more about them, not surprising that they rarely talk about their service, nor do they have any tendency to toot their own horns.

So let me toot a horn for them… doot doot doot dooooot!  Thank you for your service and sacrifice, to everyone who stood up for freedom.

Four Generations of Heroes

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  • Why did you send me these 10 books???????????????? I did ask for them or order them. I have no money to pay for them.

    • Just my way to say thank you for sharing with your library and for encouraging book clubs to read. So thank you! And no payment required. Just a gift from me.

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