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Honored To Be On USS Midway

I was so honored to have been selected as one of about two dozen authors invited onto the USS Midway for the Veteran’s Day weekend on Saturday, November 8th, this year.  Veterans and active military personnel alike joined in on the celebration of their service.

I was able to meet fabulous people from all walks of life, from all over this country who have served so that we might be free to blog, text, write, and shout from the mountain tops.  A special thank you to Elise Cooper writing for American Thinker for showcasing 4 generations of my family who have served, along with my husband and two brother-in-laws, covering WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Dessert Storm, Iraqi War, and Afghanistan War.   Because of Elise, I learned even more about them, not surprising that they rarely talk about their service, nor do they have any tendency to toot their own horns.

So let me toot a horn for them… doot doot doot dooooot!  Thank you for your service and sacrifice, to everyone who stood up for freedom.

Four Generations of Heroes

May Day is Loyalty Day

Everyone knows today is May Day.  But did you know it’s also National Loyalty Day, a special day designated by our Congressional leaders to remind us to reaffirm our loyalty to the United States of America? Today I will genuinely recognize my heritage to freedom as an American. Because of people like my dad and my husband, not to mention all the family, friends, and ancestors who have fought to keep us free.

My father, an 88-year-old WWII and Korean War vet, calls all his friends on this day each year to celebrate May 1st.  All of us enjoy receiving the call where he enthusiastically says “Hurray, hurray, the first of May!” He says his list is growing smaller.  Sad.  They are great Americans.

Loyalty Day reminds me why I flew half way across the world to adopt my youngest, driven to be a mother (of course) but also desirous of lifting one child from the clutches of communism to live free as a capitalist. And I have never met a more grateful, patriotic American in my life than my son!

Generations of Freedom

As a writer, thank you for giving me the power of speech. I take that right seriously and work to entertain through the stories I tell. If along the way I open some windows to a world some may not realize exist, well then fabulous!  Every time I sit at my keyboard, I reaffirm my loyalty to the heritage of American freedom.